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subscription-based meal service

nurture the soul.

[sohl] : the emotional part of human nature; noble warmth of feeling.

Thrive Health Lab has partnered with Nikkimomo, a food & beverage company based out of Los Angeles, California, to provide the community with nutritious food to feed the body and soul. Founded by mother and son, this family owned business not only provides a custom meal-prep services but provides culinary services for local events.

About Nikkimomo

meet the genius behind the cuisine, Chef Mo

Meet Chef Mo


Choose your subscription and select the meals you want to eat. All weekly menus will be provided to you in advance so that you can make your selections. 

pick up @ THL

People that order 3-4 meals/wk will be available for Saturday pickup at 8am. If you order 4+ meals/wk, then orders will be available for Wednesday pickup at 8am.


Let us know what you think about the service and the meals. Email us at and/or tag us in a social post for a chance to be shared!

How it Works
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