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our philosophy.

 greetings from the owner.

Hey #thrivehive

I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude and a sincere thank you for your incredible support and patience during our transition. Our journey has led us to a new chapter, as we've closed the doors to our first thriving Brick and Mortar location at 54th & Deane.

Over the past 7 years, we've achieved remarkable milestones together:
- More than 5,000 empowering classes taught
- Over 4,000 clients who've thrived alongside us
- A dedicated team of 68+ trainers and staff
- Providing a space for over 30 rentals, helping others build their dreams
- Hosting 20+ enlightening workshops, seminars, and experiences
- Partnering with 7+ corporate clients to foster wellness
- Nurturing growth in high schools and community collaborations
- Overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic


This is not the end of our journey; it's a new beginning. Thrive Health Lab's essence thrives on small group training and holistic well-being. We're here for every aspect of health, wellness, mindfulness, and movement. Our classes are just the beginning; we're also committed to hosting developmental workshops, community events, and spreading awareness about proper training through corrective exercise. Our mission is to meet you where you are, with unwavering community support every step of the way.

Remember, Thrive Health Lab isn't confined to a physical space; it's a community that empowers each of us to reach our fullest potential. We're still here for you and the larger community. We've expanded into the virtual realm, offering online and pop-up classes. You can curate your own small group training, explore corporate wellness programs, dive into mindfulness experiences, and join enlightening workshops.

With gratitude and excitement for what lies ahead,

La Nieciá "Coach Lala V.

 our philosophy.

[fi-los-uh-fee] : a system of principles guiding our way of life.


We believe better results are harnessed by motivating each other to take ownership of our goals. Sustaining a community that holds another accountable builds bridges to overcome fear and surpass our own expectations.


We recognize it being our duty to equip the community with the tools to THRIVE in every aspect of their life. Through education and proper training, we seek to create pathways for individual and communal growth.


At Thrive Heath Lab, the meaning of "health" extends to encompassing mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. This holistic understanding inspires us to nourish the community with charitable and impactful practices in a variety of way. It's not enough to just live in the community, build it.

We aim to encourage and empower communities through education, proactive programming, and holistic wellness. 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

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