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 our philosophy.

[fi-los-uh-fee] : a system of principles guiding our way of life.

We aim to encourage and empower communities through education, proactive programming, and holistic wellness. 

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

 safety protocols.


We believe better results are harnessed by motivating each other to take ownership of our goals. Sustaining a community that holds another accountable builds bridges to overcome fear and surpass our own expectations.


We recognize it being our duty to equip the community with the tools to THRIVE in every aspect of their life. Through education and proper training, we seek to create pathways for individual and communal growth.


At Thrive Heath Lab, the meaning of "health" extends to encompassing mental, physical, and financial wellbeing. This holistic understanding inspires us to nourish the community with charitable and impactful practices in a variety of way. It's not enough to just live in the community, build it.

following guidelines provided by LA County officials

mask on

Facial Coverings are required upon arrival and during your workout to ensure your safety and ours.

Forgot a mask? We have Thrive masks available for purchase


Everything has been throughly deep cleaned and disinfected with our fogging disinfection machine.

Every client will be provided disinfecting wipes to clean equipment used.


Towel for your sweat

Mat and bands

Bottle of Water

Forgot a towel or bands ? We have Thrive towels available for purchase


The entire check-in process is touchless.

We are offering verbal cues + demos only during classes. No hands on adjustments

Walk-ins will not be accepted. Must book in advance


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