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monie b.


Strong by Zumba​​


A Little about me

I truly enjoy helping others whether it be through fitness, wellness and/or just being a good listener. I also truly enjoy alone time to ground myself or reset myself for the week.

becoming a professional trainer

I had interest in teaching/training in my early college days. Met some incredible mentors, trainers and teachers along the way. My mentors guided me through various trainings from large gym corporations to national trainings/certifications. With well over 22 years of teaching I've taught a great variety of formats which lead me to my own personal style. Most recently licensed to teach Strong By Zumba - a H.I.I.T. format without using any equipment at all.

Being that I am in recreation, I've been extremely fortunate to work mainly in urban impact sites in the Los Angeles area. I've taught and coached various sports and activities from youth basketball, girls volleyball, senior/gentle fitness, strength to bootcamp just to name a few. Several times a year I get to work with a few local Los Angeles trainers in both the Girl Scouts and travel team the Rock Star Baseball. There's both an educational and physical aspect of the training. Teaching our youth the importance of health and sports conditioning. Most recently with covid, I've partnered with Channel 35/LA CityView35 teaching H.I.I.T. and Chair Fit twice a week getting our LA community additional free resources during this pandemic.

i choose to train at thrive because

Thrive is VERY family oriented that you won't get anywhere else.

Bet you didn't know

I'm a genuine introvert. You wouldn't know until you'd want to hangout or if I'm invited to a function. This is something that I'm working on.

what keeps me motivated on the rough days

My students. My students continue to show up for themselves day in and day out week after week. I truly have no excuses other than to just do it.

Favorite "Treat Meal"

Anything sweet. Chocolate, peanut butter, you name it!

on a rainy day

I do an additional deep cleaning or reorganizing something around the house, or read a good book with a cup of coffee.

if I woke up tomorrow with 100 million dollars, the first thing i would do

Invest. Invest. And invest again!

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