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200 hours yoga certification

50 hours ganja yoga essentials

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A Little about me

I'm an optimistic, straight forward, humorous girl from Taiwan who loves to yoga, eat, and hang out with my dogs.

becoming a professional trainer

I fell in love with Yoga about 10 years ago. I continued to advance my practice that lead to Teacher Training and have been teaching for 6 years.

i choose to train at thrive because

It is close to my house and I just love the vibe, the inclusivity, and what the studio is trying to do for its community.

Bet you didn't know

When I first came to the United Stated as a teenager, I could barely speak English. I was afraid to speak because I didn't want people to make fun of my accent. The first time someone told me "What's up?" I actually looked up. I put in the extra work to study English and my classes, eventually I was on the Math Team, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Cheerleading, Swim Team and Beta Club. I have received BFA from a prestige Otis College of Art and Design, worked as a graphic designer for a very long time. Now I happily teach Yoga full time. I believe as long as you work hard, work smart, put in time and effort, you will succeed here in America.

what keeps me motivated on the rough days

To be grateful for what I have and to remind myself that everything is temporary.

Favorite "Treat Meal

Ice Cream and Chocolate!

on a rainy day 

Cuddle with my dogs.

if I woke up tomorrow with 100 million dollars, the first thing i would do

Pay off my student loan LOL

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