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anniversary celebration

celebrate. fellowship. thrive.

april 9, 2022 1pm - 5pm

*3pm Thriving Talk with Coach LaLa V.


It's a blessing to say that in less than a few weeks Thrive Health Lab will celebrate 6 years of being open!

We know you've all probably hit the ground running with your beginning of the week routines or maybe you've decided to lean into the pause and flow in whatever way your spirit has called you to... No matter where you land on that spectrum we just wanna say how proud we are of you all and more importantly, thank you!

Thank you for being here with us and for choosing yourselves every day even when its not easy. We are so proud to see our family THRIVING. So please join us April 9, here at the place we've all grown to call home and lets continue thriving as a community, because we really couldn't be here without ya'll!

We'd love if leading up to the 9th ya'll could share any memories you have from these past years
Tag us at @thrivehealthlab and use the hashtag #6yearsThriving

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anniversary specials 

you don't want to miss this and more...


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Every attendee will get a raffle ticket to win a prize

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For the past 6 years, Thrive Health Lab has been doing just that... THRIVING! We are so excited to celebrate this milestone year with our clients and community. It’s been a tough two years; for all of us, and we want to take the time to celebrate our collective ability to overcome. This Saturday, April 9, 2022, join us for a community day party. From 1 PM - 5 PM, come enjoy our favorite health and wellness activities. The whole family is welcomed for this fun filled afternoon thanks to our partners Alaiyo Waistbeads, Healthway Chiropractor, Winning Coaching services, and the Only Believe Foundation. Don’t miss out on the raffle ticket prizes and exclusive $150 monthly pricing for a year long membership!

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