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Valerie Dauphin

coach & award winning author

P. Valerie Dauphin is The Dancing Confidence & Authenticity Coach and Award-Winning Author of Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life. Her mission is to inspire you to live confidently and authentically with harmonious flow in every area of your life through cultivating a deep connection to your physical body. In addition to being a Certified Dream Coach® and Certified OMLife® Coach, Valerie is a Dance and Fitness Instructor, having taught at various studios and gyms in L.A., including the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, Heartbeat House, Your Neighborhood Studio, and Sweat Pilates, as well as having served as Adjunct Faculty in Sports and Wellness at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Valerie is also the Company K!ds Director and Dance Instructing Artist at Gabriella Charter Schools in Los Angeles. Her dance training and performances include Salsa, House, Samba, Hip Hop, and numerous dances of the African Diaspora.



Saturdays, June 6th - July 11th at 10:30AM-12:00PM PDT


A 6-session accountability program where you’ll envision radiant possibilities for your life (despite shelter-in-place and COVID-19) and then take the actions that’ll make your life pop!


The perfect group for the restless professional in quarantine desiring change with no clue how to make it happen.

What does it take to live a kickass life right now, during a pandemic, during lockdown?


COVID-19 has churned up lots of restlessness for many professionals. You’re probably one of them.


With all this newfound time on your hands you might be asking yourself questions like:

  • Do you even like your job?

  • Do you like the ways in which you spent your time before toilet papers and paper towels were no longer in stock everywhere?

  • How do the different areas of your life fit together, or are you super strong in one area and the rest have gone to shit?





Imagine if you woke up every day with a clear picture of your life vision and concrete steps to bring that vision to life.
Imagine if you had ongoing support and accountability to bring more goals and desires to life.
Imagine if you consistently moved through your day grounded, uplifted, centered, connected, and relaxed, regardless what's happening outside the walls of your home.


This is more than possible. It can be your experience.


The Rock Your Life Mastermind Group will meet weekly on Saturdays, June 6th through July 11th at 10:30am-12:00pm PDT via ZOOM videoconferencing.


Only 15 spots available.

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