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P. Valerie Dauphin is The Dancing Confidence & Authenticity Coach and Award-Winning Author of Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life. Her mission is to inspire you to live confidently and authentically with harmonious flow in every area of your life through cultivating a deep connection to your physical body. In addition to being a Certified Dream Coach® and Certified OMLife® Coach, Valerie is a Dance and Fitness Instructor, having taught at various studios and gyms in L.A., including the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, Heartbeat House, Your Neighborhood Studio, and Sweat Pilates, as well as having served as Adjunct Faculty in Sports and Wellness at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Valerie is also the Company K!ds Director and Dance Instructing Artist at Gabriella Charter Schools in Los Angeles. Her dance training and performances include Salsa, House, Samba, Hip Hop, and numerous dances of the African Diaspora.


A 6-session accountability program where you’ll envision radiant possibilities and then take the actions that’ll make your life pop!


The perfect group for the restless and unsettled 9-to-5 employee ​not (yet) living their dream life.


You know you’re not living at the level you’re capable of. You know that you don’t get back time once it’s gone. Stop procrastinating and take a bold step today to get clear about what you actually WANT your life to look like and then let’s create a plan for you to HAVE it!


You deserve to wake up every day feeling connected and purpose-driven. You deserve to feel thrilled about the direction your life is going. This Mastermind Group is the perfect vehicle to help see this come to pass.



Saturdays, June 6th - July 18th


Thrive Health Lab

​3701 W 54th St., L.A.


You’ll learn how to:


  • Confidently and clearly claim your life vision 

​(so that you feel connected to a deep sense of purpose and direction everyday)


  • Assess the difference between visions, goals, dreams, and desires

(so that you stop climbing the wrong ladder and instead identify what you really want)


  • Choose a stretch goal and design an action plan that brings your vision to life (so you can stop sabotaging your success with troublesome habits like procrastination)


  • Establish daily & weekly routines that keep you energized and focused 

(and sets you up for lasting success well after the group program has ended)


  • Transform your doubts and resistance into fuel 

(so that you stay on track to having a life that pops!)




We will meet in person, at Thrive Health Lab in Los Angeles, for 6 consecutive Saturdays, February 1st through March 7th, 10:30AM-12:00PM. We will be in the yoga room. As each session includes movement, it is strongly advised to wear clothing you feel comfortable stretching in.


“Action is the Magic Word” Accountability (value priceless)

Accountability is the backbone of this group. Each week you will receive or formulate assignments and you’ll receive support in completing those vision- and goal-directed actions.


Keep-It-Real “Hot Seat” Coaching (value $2,197)

You will receive regular one-on-one coaching on challenges specific to your situation. Group participation is capped at 10 members, to ensure that you receive abundant attention and time in the hot seat each week.


Motivating Meditation & Movement (value $180)

Every session includes light to moderate movement and meditation to get you centered and ready to do that session’s work. The movement will also anchor in that session’s learnings for additional support in implementing what you learned.


Have-Your-Say Journaling (value $10)

You will receive a Mastermind Group notebook to record valuable insights and AHA moments throughout the course of your program. Dedicate this notebook to your Rock Your Life journey during and in-between sessions.


BONUS: Post-Group Check-Ins and Pep Talks (value $300)

Valerie, Thrive Health Lab’s In-House Life Coach and your Mastermind Group Creator/ Facilitator, will be available to answer your questions and support your journey for 30 days after your group concludes, using the voice recording app Voxer. Valerie will then respond with feedback to support you in boldly and confidently taking action.


BONUS: How to Create More Time Than You Think You Have - Audio & PDF Guide (value $37)

With this 27-min audio class and accompanying 7-page guide (includes a worksheet), you’ll "find the time" to accomplish your important tasks, and still have time left for fun and play. You’ll also develop the awareness to break free from the cycle of self-loathing, guilt, and procrastination from having “too much on your plate.”


BONUS: The Guilt-Free Formula to Putting Yourself First (value $27)

If you struggle with overcommitting, this 9-page PDF guide will help you build the muscle of saying NO in order to prioritize YOU and live life on your terms.




We’re confident that The Rock Your Life Mastermind Group Program will provide you with tremendous value.  If, however, you decide that this group is not a good fit for you, we’ll arrange for you to receive a full refund at the end of your first session.


Make your payment today, and you don’t have to decide if you’re in for good! You’ll secure your spot though (there are only 10 spots after all). Come to the first session, experience the vibe, and THEN...make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.




Participation is limited to a maximum of 10 mastermind group members, which allows you to get more hands-on training from the instructor and interact more with the other members. Participants will be selected on a first-registered, first-accepted basis.



“Action is the Magic Word” Accountability (value priceless)

Keep-It-Real “Hot Seat” Coaching (value $2,197)

Motivating Meditation & Movement (value $180)

Have-Your-Say Journaling (value $11)

BONUS: Post-Group Check-Ins and Pep Talks (value $300)

BONUS: How to Create More Time Than You Think You Have - Audio & PDF Guide (value $37)

BONUS: The Guilt-Free Formula to Putting Yourself First (value $27


Total Value ($2,750)

Today’s Price $250