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Your body loves you, love it back with our LUV Resistance Bands.

"Do it with LUV, or don't do it at all" -Coach LaLa V.


What's included:

  • Set of 3 Different Fabric Resistance Level Bands.
  • Portable black case to store your bands together.


Home Workouts: Our bands let you see amazing results without needing other equipment


Best exercise bands for hips, glutes, and legs as these resistance hip bands could help you perform squats correctly, keep your knees pushed out. It can also be a powerful training tool for the whole body. Anyone looking to increase mobility or muscle stamina and strength can use these bands for your training.


5 Useful areas to use bands  

  • Glute bridges/raises - Use bands above the knees
  • Glute kickbacks - Use bands above ankles
  • Crab / Lateral walks - Use bands above the knee or ankles
  • Hip thrust - Use bands above your knee
  • Squats - Use bands around knees
  • Also effective for shoulder, arm, wrist, rotator cuff, and calf exercise

Fabric Resistance Bands

  • All Sales are Final

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