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what we offer

A safe, COVID compliant space for certified trainers around the community (and visiting communities) to pay a monthly premium to have access to Thrive Health Lab to train their own clients, at their own rates. We are offering trainers a chance to increase their earning potential while having access to an amazing place to workout.


Membership requirements: trainer certification & proof of insurance,

who this is for?

If you’re a creative, smart and fun-loving personal trainer or instructor looking for a COVID Compliant space to train your clients, or the opportunity to create & grow a client base while being able to scale your costs at the same rate, look no further.

Unlike other trainers' facilities, you’ll have full access to the designated workout areas for your sessions. No more waiting for someone to finish up with the equipment you need for your clients. Your clients will have a safe, clean and COVID-Compliant space to get in the best shape of their lives.

functional training facility

Our 4,100 square foot facility, with two designated areas for workouts: the Gym Area is equipped with exercise equipment to support a Functional Training program including a TRX Suspension Training system and more.


The Yoga/Dance room has bare cement floors and mobile mirrors, ideal for a restorative movement session.


We have everything you'll need to train your clients for agility. Bosu balls and stability balls for balance. We have cones for drills and hurdles for plyometric work. There are also boxes, TRX, resistance bands and agility ladders at your disposal. We even have agility dots for focused jumping drills.


We have everything you need to build strength in your clients. A half rack station setup with everything needed to lift safely. There are also kettlebells, slam balls, sand bags, dumbbells, tires and a rower.


We have mats for yoga type workouts or AB based workouts. There is enough room for up to 10 people with music available. Resistance bands and stability balls as well.

training at thrive

Custom Session Length: All available training time blocks will be 30 minute or 1 hour depending on the trainer and what type of sessions they offer to their clientele.



COVID Cleaning: All training sessions must have a 15 minute buffer afterward to allow time for "COVID compliant sanitization and spatial reset" between sessions.



Manage Your Time: Trainers will book sessions based on gym availability, on a first come, first serve basis.


Trainers will have access to reserve their own time blocks and be responsible for managing their individual sessions with their clients using their own methods of scheduling.



The Thrive Way: The culture at Thrive Health Lab is one that is family friendly, we've created a respectful, environment. This is a judgment-free zone, where we welcome people of all walks of life, abilities, race, age, orientation, we welcome everyone here.



We expect all trainers who come here to work with their clients to maintain the culture we've created at Thrive Health Lab.

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