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legacy fit club

create your legacy to thrive 

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what is legacy fit club?

A special workout by Nick Gouche.  Nick is the Co-Founder/President of Legacy Home Loans and has a passion for fitness.


Their purpose is to support black-owned businesses and inspire the African American community, along with our allies to better health and longevity.


A Fun, Social, and intense workout. We want our community to feel better, have more energy, add years to their life and prevent the theft of their wealth by having poor health.

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Tuesday & Thursday 5:30am
Wednesday 6pm *
glow in the dark edition

what to expect and the value

Isolation Work. Cardiovascular Exercise. Weight Lifting. Core StrengtheningPlyometrics. Stretch. Mindset

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Take advantage of this deal that is good for ALL THRIVE CLASSES

co-created by Coach Nick Gouché

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