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high performance training

embrace the athlete within

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what is high performance training?

A unique physical training program designed to improve strength, endurance, speed, and agility. Our trainers offer movement modifications that fit every level of fitness experience. The HPT program increases client progression through psychological preparation, such as improving self-motivation, ambition, confidence, and resilience.


High Performance Training by Thrive Health Lab takes a holistic approach to improve functional movement and mindset to support the evolving demands of life.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30pm
Tuesday & Friday 8am

1st Saturday of the Month @8am

what to expect and the value

Mobility + Flexibility. Fluid Movement. Isolation Work. Cardiovascular Exercise. Core Strengthening

Balance Improvement. Plyometrics. Resistance Training. Stretch. Athletic Drills. Footwork. 

  • Access to High Performance Training (membership only)

  • Access to Unlimited Thrive Classes ($200)

  • Complimentary Entry to Elevate Lab ($150 value)

  • Livestream Virtual Classes ($50 Value)

  • Video On Demand Library ($20 Value)

  • Custom Meal Plan ($75 Value)

  • Corrective Exercise Assessment & Plan ($100)

  • One Time 60 Minute TablesUp Massage ($50 Value)

  • One Time 30 Minute Feel Good, Kick Ass Life Coach Session ($150)

  • One Time 30 Minute High Performance Goal Accountability Session ($149)

  • Accountability Portal. Review and track your performance, trend your data against others, and check in with trainers 

  • Monthly Check-Ins (body composition, photos, benchmarks, assessments)

  • Real time tracking of your effort. Track heart rate, calories and effort points on our leaderboard

Over $550 Value

No Contract. Month to Month 

co-created by Coach Freeman


With over 25+ years of experience in Health & Wellness. A Hall of Fame and former professional athlete who has trained in multiple physical disciplines, loves science, technology, and engineering; A creator of  training programs that stimulate mental and physical challenges. The goal is to stimulate neurological activity through fitness training and verbal cues. Over the years he has helped athletes and business professionals develop the mindset needed to perform at a high level.

  • Combined with data analysis he incorporates concepts and principles from related areas of kinesiology, physiology, psychology, and biomechanics to create custom programs for clients.

  • Has aid individuals, teams, and leaders surpass hurdles and recover from setbacks

  • Support clients coping with performance anxieties and provide them with a competitive advantage.


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