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heather "H2"

AFFA: Certified Personal Trainer

TRX: Suspension Training Qualified


A Little about me

Living a healthy, mindful and active lifestyle is as essential as breathing. Im and educator by trade and love helping others reach their greatest potential. I live for a good audiobook, naps and sunsets!

becoming a professional trainer

I was an athletic kid who participated in sports as a teen. That energy carried over into adulthood, but the fire was fueled after my lupus diagnosis.

i choose to train at thrive because

I’ve worked for big gyms and they are so impersonal, for clients and trainers. I appreciate the true community Thrive has cultivated

Bet you didn't know

I have lupus, most people know this because I’ve been open. As person living with an autoimmune disorder I’ve had more than a few life threatening scares all before I turned 32. Living healthy and staying active can literally save your life, and I plan to have a long one!

I won my first sports medal at age 11. I won a silver medal in a swim meet competing against 13/15 year olds. I made the varsity track team my freshman year of high school. And while I’ve never ran a full marathon, I am a proud marathon companion! Ive often joined friends at the 10 or 15 mile mark providing 5-7 miles of motivation!

what keeps me motivated on the rough days

Meditation and a slow a steady 3 mile run!

Favorite "Treat Meal"

I’m a Chicago girl and I love my pizza!

on a rainy day

I sleep

if I woke up tomorrow with 100 million dollars, the first thing i would do

Buy a multi unit building and save 3 units for family.

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