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ISSA: Certified Personal Trainer

ISSA: Youth Fitness Trainer

Created a rugby club known as the South LA Soul and won a championship within our first year.


A Little about me

Health and fitness has been a crucial component to my life ever since I was young. I began taking my training seriously after college and fell in love with my body and it’s capabilities. Due to my discovery, I found my purpose which is to aid other people in the discovery of the feats that their body can accomplish!

becoming a professional trainer

I currently work as a PE teacher for a high school and have been teaching for 5 years now. During the pandemic, I learned about the different threats to health that obesity and other preventable diseases presented to my community. Since then, I’ve wanted to work with a multitude of populations outside of school to aid them in a pursuit of health and fitness.

i choose to train at thrive because

The community focused approach is what it is pulled me in.

Bet you didn't know

Most people do not know that throughout my life I have not always been in love with the way that I looked. With most of my life as an athlete, I was always underweight, and playing a contact sport like rugby, made that difficult. My pursuit of becoming more fit for my sport led me to having the discipline to train for my body even post-playing days.

what keeps me motivated on the rough days

Knowing that my body will thank me for it through a fulfilling life.

Favorite "Treat Meal

Popeyes/ Gus’s, as well as Thai tea with boba

on a rainy day

Definitely catching up on new TV shows

if I woke up tomorrow with 100 million dollars, the first thing i would do

Pay my student loan debt without a doubt.

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