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NASM: Certified Personal Trainer


A Little about me

I love helping people, hanging out with my friends, partying, photography, and fashion.

becoming a professional trainer

I wanted to be a trainer since it’s something that I like doing consistently over my adult life, and I felt that I like working out and would like to help other people to enjoy working out as well.

i choose to train at thrive because

The community is really cool, everyone knows everyone and they know what else is happening in their lives outside of the gym as well, and I love that.

Bet you didn't know

I am super into languages, I love spanish music and french music. I’m good at french and am learning german and spanish.

what keeps me motivated on the rough days

Just getting there and telling myself to at least do one thing.

Favorite "Treat Meal


on a rainy day

Doing an early workout watching the rain, then watching netflix or playing games inside and listening to scary stories

if I woke up tomorrow with 100 million dollars, the first thing i would do

Invest it in stocks and art, then buy a few condos so I have places to travel to and my family can travel to as well. Then use the rest for my business.

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